Enlargement of the prostate gland causing disturbance in the normal urine voiding pattern is common problem in elderly males.

Many of these patients are managed, nowadays by medical treatment alone. For some this medical treatment is not enough. Patients who are unable to tolerate medications those who develop acute retention of urine (painful blockage of urine)  who develop stones in the bladder and similar secondary problems need removal of the obstructive tissue to help better emptying of the bladder.

Open surgery for removal of the prostate gland is rarely performed now. There are many
other alternate methods available now. Trans Urethral Resection of the Prostate gland is well established now and is referred as “Gold Standard’ when comparisons are made between various modalities of surgical treatment of the prostate.

This TURP has certain disadvantages and it may be hazardous to carry out in some patients, particularly those suffering from Cardiac illness and are having ‘anti-coagulant’ therapy.

Use of LASER energy to vapourise the obstructing prostatic tissue has come as a boon to these patients. They need not be condemned to a ‘catheter life’.
There are many forms of  LASER energy available for removal of prostatic obstruction. DIODE LASER  has highest absorbence wavelength in water and haemoglobin. It has Selective Light Vaporisation (SLV) good combination of vaporization and Coagulation. Diode LASER gives excellent haemostasis and ensures minimal bleeding in the post operative period.

FDA in USA has approved use of this Diode LASER in management of prostatic obstruction.

This is a gentle procedure where only the unwanted obstructive tissue is removed, it is a minimally invasive procedure, requires short hospital stay and short catheterization time. It is ideal for patients on anti-coagulation medications. Usually blood transfusion is not necessary as blood loss during the procedure  is very minimal. Continence and sexuality is not     affected in most of the cases.

Bio litec – Diode Laser offers an effective and affordable solution for patients with urinary obstruction caused by enlargement of prostate gland.